Friday, January 24, 2020

Misunderstanding Brings Opportunity

If we are going to be engaged and connected human beings in this world we are going to need to understand we will be misunderstood as well as misunderstand others. It’s just part of life in a broken world with broken people. But we also need to understand that we have the choice to try and understand or not. My goal is to try and understand and if that is your goal too we are going to have to listen more, pray more, and talk less.

The worst distance between 2 people is misunderstanding. Being misunderstood by people whose opinions you value can be painful. Most people only understand from their level of perception and pride refuses them the opportunity to BE understanding, or even open to something they might need to realize. Why? I have no idea. But I can no longer be responsible for how people perceive me. If they want to understand, they will try to understand. But if they don’t want to understand, it’s not necessary for me to waste my time trying to explain. I will always be perceived as something I am not by that person until THEY CHOOSE to understand. 

But what I’ve realized this time around is the beauty in being rejected, unseen, misunderstood, and unsupported by people. It has taught me to rely on God for everything and I have had more peace in the midst of these current rejections and misunderstandings than I’ve ever had before, because I believe God is going to use them for something absolutely wonderful. He and I have had so many incredible journeys together but honestly, throughout my past, I’ve missed out on a lot of blessings during the transition of moving on because I have chosen to wallow in the pity of my problem and become bitter instead of focusing on the new opportunity that is on its way. 

Embracing this current transitional time with surrender has allowed me to experience God coming through for me in ways I never expected possible. He has taught me lessons I’ve managed to skip over my entire life. Here is one example. 


On a Sunday back in November, a few days after an extremely uncomfortable conflict situation, God brought me back to a story I have heard thousands of times growing up in church; the story of David and Goliath. (You can find this story in 1 Samuel 17). As the pastor read the scripture and began his sermon my eyes got stuck on verses I have never paid attention to before (vs. 26-31). God had His own personal sermon prepared for me that morning as I began journaling what I felt he was showing me. 

In verse 26-31 David asked a question and it was misunderstood by his brother with a very demeaning response. The brother’s questions of David’s motives were not fair when all David was doing was inquiring about the situation. Even the other soldiers and King Saul doubted David’s ability to fight Goliath because of their small thinking. But that didn’t stop David from fulfilling the task God had for him because he saw things from God’s great big perspective. 

David walked away from the judgement and misunderstanding and continued to pursue the task of battling the giant. He knew his enemy wasn’t his family or nation. He didn’t allow for their opinions to discourage him and keep him from fighting the real enemy. Because his focus was in the right place he brought victory to God, God’s people, himself, and even those who misjudged him. David fought Goliath his way, the way he had been lead by God to fight; even though people doubted and wanted David to fight their way. David was sure he knew the way and followed it. 

So I want to close with this, if you are feeling misunderstood and discouraged hang in there. Look at misunderstanding as an opportunity to learn, grow, but most importantly to move forward into the next phase of your journey. God knows the truth of your situation better than even you do. He will get you out of it one way or another and when He does, move on with grace, respect, and dignity, even if that person doesn’t deserve it. Don’t get self righteous by trying to defend yourself. Don’t get bitter by trying to fight back. FORGIVE, LOVE, TRUST GOD, FOCUS on the task He has for you. He will fight for you and you will win that battle against your Goliath and anyone else who opposes you. “JUST IMAGINE” the possibilities when you let go, let God and allow Jesus to take the wheel.