Monday, June 26, 2017

A Bug Time Story: Voracious Mosquitos

            This blog post is dedicated to 2 very sweet college students I’m working with this summer and what feels like a million mosquitos that live in the North Fork area of Glacier National Park.  Both taught me 2 very valuable lessons this weekend about being prepared so you can live your life in peace.  Thanks for getting me blogging again.  
                What a week!!  We are all susceptible to a bad day, week, or month.  If anything this week has shown me how completely flawed of a human I am regardless of how much I want to do the right thing.  I have had things coming at me from every direction.  I’ve been stressed, frustrated, and all this stuff has prevented me from thinking clearly resulting in making ridiculously poor choices.  I was very much looking forward to my weekend off so I could just get away.

            On Saturday at around 4pm (first mistake) I went on a 12 mile hike (second mistake) on a trail that runs through a deep wooded area (third mistake).  I’ve wanted to check out the North Fork area for quiet awhile now so I was super excited.  Well along the hike of what is supposed to be one of the more beautiful viewpoints in the area, a barrage of mosquitos bombarded me.  Seriously, it felt like an army of a million mosquitos!!!  (I wish I had taken a picture of my arm after the walk.  It was covered in dry blood from all the mosquitos I killed.)

          These pesky bugs were coming at me from everywhere and all I had was a rag to swat them away with (fourth mistake) because I left my bug spray at home (fifth mistake).  I was totally not prepared for this hike and so worn out from the mosquitos that I didn’t have the energy to make it to the top (later on I found out I was less than half a mile from the top, so close).

            Along the walk I was getting so frustrated and complaining for God to take the stupid mosquitos away so I could enjoy the nature and process everything from this week.  Well, the mosquitos never went away but that is because God wanted to use them as a lesson. 

LESSON: When I am not prepared in life, just as I wasn’t prepared for the hike, 
it will make the journey difficult and I might not make it to the end.  If I make 
it to the end of the journey I will be wiped out and thinking about how horrible 
it was getting to the end instead of taking in the reward that is waiting for me.  

            Honestly I haven’t been spending time with God like I normally do this past month and so therefore I haven’t been ready for the attacks that come at me, lacking wisdom to handle them well. This week I feel like I failed at everything.  I even went to pick up my bible this morning and before I did the first thought that came to my mind was, “Rachael you don’t deserve to touch that thing much less read it.  You are a hypocrite.”   But I asked God to give me a word of encouragement and He did.

            I went to the Campus Ministry this morning at the Lodge that the college students run.  They read a passage from Colossians and spoke on the story of Job.  These were the two things from the Bible that stood out to me.

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your heart….” ~Colossians 3:15
“And Job died, an old man and full of days.” ~Job 42:17

            Immediately God reminded me of how full my days are when I spend some solitude time with Him every day.  He reminded me of how much more peace I have each day I spend some time with Him, even when the world seems like it is crumbling (as it did for Job). 

             So I go into this week aware and prepared.  I’m going to allow the peace of Christ to rule in my heart and give me wisdom to handle any consequences that result from last week.  I survived last week and I look forward to this week.  Last week has come and gone, there is nothing I can do to change it.  But I can change my attitude this week, choosing to rise above my circumstances and handle those “mosquitos” with wisdom, dignity, and integrity.