Sunday, June 19, 2016

The World Needs Two Fathers

      This Father's Day I'm thankful for 2 father's. Normally I just recognize one, my earthly father.  But this year I have had to rely on my Heavenly Father, Abba God, more than ever!  How terribly unfortunate that 34 years later I'm just now realizing the importance of acknowledging Him.  Through the pain and healing I've experienced this year I have come to understand more than ever the love of my Heavenly Father and what exactly Abba means

       The love that my Abba has for me is perfect and unconditional! The sacrifices He has made for me are inconceivable. The grace He grants me everyday in undeniable! The forgiveness He extends to me is undeserving.  He knows me better than I know myself! He is always there and He carries me through every difficulty regardless of how big or small it is.  He restores and heals my brokenness in a way no one or no thing on this earth can. He is my Provider and the giver of good gifts!!

       One of those good gifts He has given to me is the gift of my earthly father! He put me in a family with a father that didn't leave, even though times got tough! A father that makes me laugh like crazy!  A father that loved the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind and strength.  He worked hard to care for the family and sacrificed a lot to make sure we were provided for. Even though his love isn't perfect and he would mess up at times, he did his best to love me and resemble the love of my Heavenly Father as much as He knew how.  His biggest responsibility as a father was encouraging me to grow closer to God. Sometimes he had to leave me alone so my Heavenly Father could deal with me in the appropriate way.  And sometimes he was forced to leave me alone because there was nothing he could do. 

       Abba has healed the wounds that have been caused by people and circumstances that have harmed me throughout my life, in this world!  My dad finally realized the importance of letting me go and allowing Abba to have His turn with me several years ago so I could grow into the person Abba intended me to be.  My dad may have wanted one thing for me but eventually he realized Abba's way is best.  Even though my dad let me go physically; spiritually he was still taking care of me.  He still prayed for me and encouraged me to keep pursuing Abba during those difficult times.  

       I'm so incredibly blessed to have two Fathers! Maybe you are reading this and you don't have what I have.  Maybe you don't know your earthly father, or your earthly father isn't a good father, or maybe your earthly father has died.  I want to encourage you to look to your Heavenly Father. 

       Every one of you on this earth has a Heavenly Father but a lot of you reading this don't realize that.  Maybe you have never heard of Him.  Maybe you have chosen not to believe in Him.  Maybe you are too busy pursuing other things to pursue a healthy relationship with your Abba.  I encourage you this day to take the time to know your Abba!  He is CRAZY about you!  He delights in you with singing and dancing!  He wants to have a personal relationship with you, will you allow it?  


       Happy Father's Day!! THE WORLD NEEDS YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER!!!  I know life isn't always easy for you!  You are being attacked by Satan and he is being viscous with you!!!  He uses your job, your children, your wife, your baby momma, the media, the feminist movement, that super cute secretary at your office and whatever else to wear you down and distract you from being the best dad you can be!!! But you are SOOOOOOOOOOO important!!!  Don't give in!!! 

        I want to encourage you dads!!!!  When life gets too hard to manage, Satan is attacking you like crazy, your family is looking at you for answers, you feel like you have let everyone down, and you don't know what to do; ask your Heavenly Father and He will guide you!! He knows everything!!  YOU ARE NOT SUPERMAN!!!  You cannot do everything!  He knows that and He doesn't want you to.  But He wants to help guide you to do the things that are most important!  

       We need more good earthly fathers in this world!  It's easy to be a dead-beat dad!  Don't choose that path!  Don't allow Satan to wear you out so much that you choose the easy path!  Hang in there!  Hang onto God!!  You are not alone!  With God all things are possible!  

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