Saturday, March 19, 2016


I believe God is doing great things already in Missions, as He equips His people to assist the Human Rights needs across the globe.  I also believe He has even bigger plans for this in the near future!  I WANT TO GIVE YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE!

            This “27 IN 27 CAMPAIGN” is a way for me to raise money for the Justice school I will be attending the next 6 months. I am asking for 150 people or more, individually, to give a one-time donation of $27 or more sometime in the next 27 days

            This school is crucial to my call for missions as I desire to combine evangelism with human rights.  If you read my latest newsletter, or last blog, then you know I am currently attending Youth With A Mission’s Justice and Mercy Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS).  If you haven’t seen or heard this news, here is a link to my latest newsletter with more details.

            This DTS is based in the south of Thailand in the city of Phang Nga Andaman.  We have 5 staff and 5 students. I chose to stay in Thailand so I can continue developing in the Thai Language and because I don't believe God has called me to leave Thailand yet.  Also, Phuket is where I heard the voice of the Lord ask me to consider Thailand so it just makes sense to come back here as I pray and ask God for clarity about recent past events and my future in missions here.

            The team and I will spend a couple months in "lecture phase" helping us grow in our relationship with God and His call in our life. We will then spend some time doing evangelism and other outreaches in the south of Thailand.  After this we will go on 2 outreaches; one to Pattaya, Thailand and one to Nepal.

           While Thailand is primarily a Buddhist culture, the south of Thailand has a huge Islamic population.  I was here 2 years ago for a vacation and the Muslim population has definitely increased between that time and now.  When you ask these Islamic Thais questions about their Muslim faith they cannot answer you.  The fact that Thai's have embraced Islam is strange because Thai people are very set in their Buddhist culture.  They will listen to what you have to say but getting them to change their belief is a difficult.  The fact that they are so open to Islam here is actually an advantage to us because it shows that they are open to other things.       

So why did I pick the number 27?  I asked God for a creative campaign idea to raise the remainder balance for DTS and that night He woke me up with this idea. The justice issue that I am most passionate about is Human Trafficking.  According to there are at least 27 million people trapped in slavery around the world today!

           I know times are tough and it is hard for some to give regularly! I completely understand which is why I am asking for a ONE-TIME gift only.  If 150 people would be willing to give this one time gift I could make my goal for the next 6 months and my transition into the next stage of missions work.    

If you are currently giving regularly thank you! I ask that you please continue being faithful in giving until the end of this year.  This work is yours just as it is mine. What a blessing you have been and are continuing to be to so many people! In every newsletter that has been sent I hope you have seen that!  

I have 235 people who get my newsletters quarterly.  I have over 600 friends on Facebook.  Surely this goal is possible. Please support this campaign financially and by sharing with others!  If your church would like to do a fundraiser or love offering let me know and I can supply you with more details!


**PayPal or Stripe click here

***If you are a Korean supporter message me and I can give you my Korean Bank Account number

*****For USA SUPPORTERS wanting to make a tax donation:
Make checks payable to Una Baptist Church
On the memo line write "Rachael Thailand"

Mail checks to:
Una Baptist Church
C/O Robin Broadwater
1931 Murfreesboro Rd
Nashville, TN 37217

Shopping on one of the beaches in S. Thailand

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