Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Beautiful Distraction

Lessons learned from my motorbike accident: Part 4
I recently read a story about soldiers that stand guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery. As Hurricane Isabel slammed the East Coast during 2003 millions sought shelter from the storm’s wrath including members of Congress in Washington, D.C.  However, when the hurricane hit Arlington the soldiers remained at their posts, even though they were given permission to seek shelter.   Why would they do such a crazy thing?  Because that’s what a soldier does.  He recognizes the storm but doesn’t give in to it, standing firm against its power. 
The same holds true for soldiers of God’s army.  As the storm seeks to rob us of our courage, tempting us to neglect our duty as a believer, we must remain strong and steadfast.  We must remember that the most powerful being in the world, bigger than any problem we will ever face, is on our side.
A man of God follows God’s design for true masculinity.  The core of a man’s life should be his relationship with God. The man who walks humbly with God is motivated and empowered to step up and assume the difficult responsibilities that come his way.  In today’s blog I am going to focus on two of the many courageous men I know in the army of God.
            The first time I met Jonathan and Jacob was 2 years ago on a train from Seoul to Pyeongtaek to do a project with Durabang (one of our church’s aftercare partners that housed foreign women rescued from trafficking in Korea). I have always had much admiration for the 2 of them after that day.  It wasn’t until now that I really began to appreciate and understand who they are exactly. 
Four days after my arrival to Thailand I crashed my motorbike and fractured my shoulder in 6 places.  Jacob and Jonathan have been so helpful to me during this time. They have really loved, respected and cared for me as their sister in Christ (even when I was being a “princess” and didn’t deserve it).  They cooked for me, cleaned for me, learned how to braid hair so they could help me with mine, took me places I needed to go or wanted to go (sometimes giving up things they wanted to do so I could have my needs met), helped me with my therapy, waited for hours at the hospital with me.  I could go on and on.  In fact there were times they were there for me even though I don't remember it and found out later.  Point is they have sacrificed a lot.  Sure, they are my teammates, but they didn’t have to go above and beyond like they did. They could have done the bare minimum yet they chose not to, “assuming this difficult responsibility” that came their way and doing so with love and respect for me.  
            This motorbike accident hasn’t been easy for the 3 of us by any means.  We have had to fight through our selfishness, pride, independence (me), greed and a host of other sins as we work together to bond and form a team unified for one goal, pursuing justice and glorify God.  There are days that this works out wonderfully, and then there are days where it seems we are frustrated with each other what seems like every minute!
            One thing I know for sure about this accident is that it has forced unity upon us as a team quicker than it would have had things played out the way they should have.  See, they have been in Thailand doing missions for the past year and a half while I am just now joining the team.  They have been friends for many years before now while I am just now getting to really know them.  The two of them already have a pretty good unity thing going on while I join as a “third wheel.”
When I arrived the plan was for me to just stay with them a week or 2 until I found my own place.  If I had moved out when I was suppose to there would be no way we would be bound together the way we are today.  This accident has not only helped us learn more about each other but it has also helped us discover our strengths and weaknesses.  It has forced us to be diplomatic and harmonious in the way we handle conflict.   It has taught us how to show love to one another and how not to offend each other. 
Jacob and Jonathan are men of integrity with a heart, head and conscience. I appreciate how they amiably hold each other accountable to things men of God should be held accountable to.  They love the Lord and seek His plan for their life valiantly, even in the desert or darkest of storms.  They are passionate in their pursuit of justice for the weak and vulnerable.  I love learning from them. As I start this journey in Thailand I look forward to working along side them and growing with them.
To Jonathan and Jacob, I would like to say thank you for your patience and kindness to me.  Thank you for being obedient and living as the men of God He intended you to be.  I pray that God will continue to raise up more men who are not afraid to step out on faith and pursue biblical manhood, especially single men.  May the men of Thailand recognize what you have, desire to be men of God, and learn from you.  May Thailand be forever changed because of the work God is using you to do here.
Final Thoughts
So this is the end of my accident blog series.  I titled the last one “A Beautiful Distraction” because that is exactly what it has been.  Satan intended for this accident to distract me from the work God had for me here but God took it and made it something beautiful as He always does.  Through this experience His will was done even if it wasn’t the way I thought it would have been. The gospel has been shared in places I might not have even thought to share it. Personal growth has been accomplished.  Unity and love have been shown while relationships have grown and understanding has been established. Trust in the Lord has increased and faith has grown stronger.  So many wonderful things have come about because of this “Beautiful Distraction.” Sure, my arm is not fully healed yet, it will probably be another 5-6 months before I can be a normal person again, but I know, with time it will happen.  I jut need to be patient. 
Thank you everyone for your prayers and kind words! I have been so encouraged through all this! I appreciate you all very much! Please continue to stay in touch! I’ll be sending a newsletter update sometime this month so if you do not receive my newsletter please give me your email address and I will add you.  Thanks so much! God bless.

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.” ~Micah 6:8.
The night before the accident (getting massages)

The day of the accident (at the hospital, pretty sure I was on morphine at this point)

A few weeks after (exploring desserts in Thailand)

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~Ghandi

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